Nude Life Drawing Classes


What happens in a Life Drawing Classes?

The class lasts 1 to 2 hours and it involves all the aspiring artists in the group to draw a sexy model up close.

This is a real class and someone in the group may discover some hidden talents they were not aware of!

There is always the option of having the model stay for additional time to organize and join in with some hen party games as well.

What If i need to cancel my booking?

No problem! If you need to cancel your booking and it is over a month before the booking date, we can refund the deposit in full. If it is less than a month, you will be able to reschedule and use the deposit you paid against a future booking. This is simply because we assign all of our Models to jobs months in advance. If it is a week or less before your booking, unfortunately you will lose your deposit. So please dont hesitate to let us know if anything comes up!

How do i book? What is your payment process?

Just let us know if you wish to go ahead and book, we will send you over our invoice that will have the details of your booking and what you need to make payment. You can either pay in full straight away or you can even pay a deposit to confirm the booking and the balance can then be paid to us directly the week before the event. 

What happens on the day of the booking? Will the Model need somewhere to get ready? How do we contact him?

On the day the Model will call or text you to introduce themselves and give you the opportunity to give him any extra information like specific directions to your location etc. Feel free to call and text him anytime if you have any questions on the day too! 

The model will show up robed up and introduce himself and will organize the room and hand out the pads and pencils or brushes etc.

once everyone is relaxed and ready to go, the model will disrobe and the Class will begin! 

Is it a real Art Class?

Of course its a real class!!! 

But of course our models are there to chat and have fun with the group also. So expect games in-between poses and chat to keep everyone entertained.

He will also be judging your work so make sure you do your best!!!!……or else………

Is the model fully nude? Can we film and take pictures of him nude?

The model is FULLY NUDE. 

Those participating in the class can only record the model with a pencil or paintbrush. The class is not for people to take pictures of a naked model. 

We have to respect the wishes and privacy of the model.

Did you know we offer a Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with your Buff Butler, we will provide you with a full refund!!!

“There was lots of shock and excitement as we realised the model was full nude! But he chatted and made us laugh so much that we all had such a great time during the class.”

Emily Davis

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